Little Stress Buster Kit


This is similar to the exam stress buster kit, apart from the fact it deals with general stress and you choose which stone is most appropriate for your particular type of stress. It contains lavender to aid sleep and rosemary for concentration as well as an angel card.

The following crystals are available:

  • Amethyst: helps with sleep, calms the mind, will allow dreams to speak to you and give you messages. Good for health issues too.
  • Black haematite: helps to ground you if you are very highly strung and calming.
  • Moonstone: helps with hormone related stress, and PMT/menopause, brain fog, clumsiness, irritability/moodiness.
  • Orange calcite: good for mental confusion, calms the brain, helps focus and concentrate.
  • Rose quartz: calming, gentle, good also for grief and helps you to love and self-love.

Price includes postage within the UK.
Please get in touch before buying if you wish to purchase outside the UK.

Select the crystal you require from the options menu below.

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As a follower of Wicca, I believe in revering the natural world. Magic is all around us, from the beauty of the setting sun to the new shoots emerging in the spring. The energy of the natural world can harnessed to help focus and manifest your wishes. These spell kits are designed with all the ingredients and instructions to enable YOU to cast the spell yourself, which in turn gives it more power. Magic should only ever be used as a last resort though, and alongside practical measures to change your life. It is very important to make sure that you are only asking for something for the greater good and not allowing greed or envy to be your motivation. Once you have completed the spell ritual it's important to be able to 'let go' of it, as this will help manifest your wishes more quickly.