Spells – an Overview

Welcome to the spells part of my site! For many years I have been a follower of Wicca, which is very basically a Pagan ‘religion’ whereby you follow the wheel of nature, both revering and celebrating the natural world we live in. There are many festivals in the calendar which we celebrate, most of them will be familiar to you: Winter Solstice (the shortest day), or ‘yule’, Samhain, (Halloween), Summer solstice (longest day), Beltane (may day) to name just a few. Many Wiccans practise magic and many do not, they are not mutually exclusive.

I believe that magic is all around us; from the beauty of the setting sun to the power of our own thoughts which can create our reality. I write and put together handmade charms and spells which enable YOU to harness the power of natural white magic and make it work for you to improve your life!

One of the key components of magic and spell weaving is belief. If you believe and trust, then you are 95% there to creating your dream: the rest of the spell casting uses ritual and symbolism to help cement your wishes and send them into the ether.

Many people think that if you are hoping to achieve or change something in your life, its easy: just do a spell. It really doesn’t work like that. Magic should only ever be used as a last resort, once all practical measures have been explored, and of course always works better alongside practical options too. (e.g. you’re not going to meet your soulmate by sitting on your backside at home.) You are dealing with something powerful and life changing here, after all never underestimate the power of your own energy, so it must be used wisely. Remember the old adage: Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true!

Finally, to dispel some myths, the main rule in witchcraft is ‘Harm Ye None’, therefore any spells undertaken must be for your greater good, and not with any intention to hurt another person or animal. If you wish ill upon another, or attempt to do so through magic, it will come back on you threefold. Therefore, in real wicca there is no white or black magic: the rules are clear, anyone stupid enough to try a dark spell will find that it only comes back on them X 3!

Common Spell Ingredients

Rosemary, sage sticks (for smudging), comfrey, dried elderberries, lavender, hyssop, crystals, small coloured candles,