Chakra Stone Kit


Have you heard about chakras? If not, this kit explains them in simple terms.

Your Chakras are energy centres that begin at the root of your spine and end just above the crown of your head.

Each chakra (there are 7 in total) relates to a different area of major organs and influences your emotions, which in turn, have an effect on your mood/health/energy levels.

Sometimes these energy points become blocked which manifest in stagnant energy, illness, headaches and general lethargy.

This kit explains more about those chakra points and how to rebalance them to get the most from your mind and body.

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As a follower of Wicca, I believe in revering the natural world. Magic is all around us, from the beauty of the setting sun to the new shoots emerging in the spring. The energy of the natural world can harnessed to help focus and manifest your wishes. These spell kits are designed with all the ingredients and instructions to enable YOU to cast the spell yourself, which in turn gives it more power. Magic should only ever be used as a last resort though, and alongside practical measures to change your life. It is very important to make sure that you are only asking for something for the greater good and not allowing greed or envy to be your motivation. Once you have completed the spell ritual it's important to be able to 'let go' of it, as this will help manifest your wishes more quickly.