Sometimes we all need a little magic.

All I know is that six failed rounds of IVF had left me broken. Emotionally and physically.
That envelope arriving from Sam, with its spell – it gave me hope. A change of luck. I asked, I visualised. And somehow it worked. Seventh go – I got my happiness – I finally got my daughter.

And people might scoff, they might say other things got me there, it was all coincidence
but … every time 1’v e seen a friend in despair, I send them a little spell too. I don’t send flowers to say sorry anymore, I send spells to give hope. And every one, every single one so far, has told me they got lucky too.*

So I’m a believer in the power of magic.

*My partner Paul later admitted he’d cheekily sent up a request for Man City too during spell castings. Shortly afterwards they got the treble – so he’s convinced!

Sharon Marshall, Presenter of This Morning and mother of the magical Betsey

I thought I’d let you know baby Florence made an appearance on 7th January and she is utterly beautiful and angelic but then again I’m biased.

My husband and I had been trying for years and many rounds of IVF. It just so happens that when we tried our last frozen embryo we used on of your spells and here she is!


Lisa and Simon

I just had a miracle baby after 3 rounds of IVF and 4 long years trying for a baby. The things I changed for the last round was that I was gifted a “change your luck” spell and the month I used it and we fell pregnant.

I’ve got a friend going through the same thing, been trying 25 years, bought her the same spell and the month she used it she also fell pregnant!

Here’s my miracle baby, good luck to all those in a similar position xx

Kim Reilly

…I bought the Job Manifesting Spell last month and it’s worked. I got offered a fab job last week. Just goes to show your intention can manifest anything.

Caroline Coxall

I came across Samantha and her spells a few years back at a psychic fayre. I was immediately struck at how calming the feel was around her stall and decided to give her love spell a go. Following instructions and writing down exactly what I wanted in a man I waited to see who, if anyone would materialise.

To my utter amazement, I met the man of my dreams and he was everything I’d written down.

I’ve used quote a few of Samantha’s spells and I honestly believe they work. Samantha is so genuine and dedicated that I truly believe she puts her beautiful magic into them. I certainly recommend them without any doubt ❤️❤️

Suzee Sim-Lewis

Hello lovely lady.

Just a quick note to say…

On the weekend before the full moon I received an offer on my plot of land. A little less than I wanted. Haggles for a few days. A sale agreed yesterday. Sold within the timescales of the spell. Thank you so much.

Highly recommended. xxx

Wendi Roberts

I did the Phoenix Spell 6 years ago… and changed my life for the better…a powerful spell…Samantha is a wonderful person who will always give very good advice as to which spell is best for you.

I’ve seen a lot of people have their wishes granted…highly recommended ❤️

Erika Pahlke Wareing