Spell to Protect and Deflect Negative Energy


During the first lockdown of 2020 I was asked many times for a spell which would not only protect the spell weaver, but also send back any negative energy which they felt was around them, threatening their safety. Sometimes we might feel as if someone or something is sending us bad vibes, and we need to deflect these. (For the record I don’t believe in curses, as I think they only work if you believe them, so as far as I’m concerned they don’t’ exist.) But I do understand that for some people the feeling they have been ‘cursed’ is very real. This spell will help you deal with those feelings; it will give you back your power and allow you to rest assured that, like holding a mirror up, you are sending back any negative energy to the source it came from.  This spell includes two crystals, including the beautiful stone selenite, which is an angelic protection stone and a sage stick as well as a herb mixture.

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As a follower of Wicca, I believe in revering the natural world. Magic is all around us, from the beauty of the setting sun to the new shoots emerging in the spring. The energy of the natural world can harnessed to help focus and manifest your wishes. These spell kits are designed with all the ingredients and instructions to enable YOU to cast the spell yourself, which in turn gives it more power. Magic should only ever be used as a last resort though, and alongside practical measures to change your life. It is very important to make sure that you are only asking for something for the greater good and not allowing greed or envy to be your motivation. Once you have completed the spell ritual it's important to be able to 'let go' of it, as this will help manifest your wishes more quickly.